Stone readings work because it is your energy that determines which stones are put where in a simple five point medicine wheel layout. I use a combination of “unmarked,” or free stones, and a set of marked stones gifted to me by Manny Twofeathers, my first sundance Intercessor. I allow a minimum of 45 minutes for a reading, which is generally all the time needed. I encourage you to think through what it is you are needing guidance on and reduce that down to one, concise question.
"I thought your reading was really insightful and helpful...I also think anyone who has been a student of yours learning about the animals as medicine helpers, the labyrinth, and so on will gain special insight from your readings. ...(your) Stone People Medicine reading guided me to look at the energy of my current life challenges in both a spiritual way and also a very practical way that allows clearer navigation through life on a daily basis." MEC, professional reader, WPB
"I want to thank you for a reading that I felt very strongly was right on and has and will help me very much...and I feel has been a big push in my self growth and acceptance. You are always in the utmost integrity and connection with spirit, as far as I am concerned, and I trust you completely with this kind of very personal spiritual encounter. ... spirit was very much in powerful presence for my reading." SR, Palm Beach, FL
"You were superb and the reading was very accurate! I look forward to the next reading when it's offered!" SR, Lake Worth, FL
"I highly recommend Stone People Medicine Readings! Grandfather Rick's insight is very profound." JG, PB, FL
Stone People Medicine Reading
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60 minute reading: $60