There exists a cancerous, self-righteous Posse, “a band of men liable to be summoned by a sheriff to assist him in keeping the peace, etc.” dedicated to imposing their views, informed largely by an astonishing ignorance of the very lifeways they claim to be protecting. They take great delight in attacking anyone that gallops into the crosshairs of their pathologically morbid canon. They have proclaimed themselves the True Representatives of All Indian Country and People. In so doing, they have managed to out fake Trump’s fake news. Facts mean nothing to them as they just make up their own to justify their existence. A correct and complete understanding of Red Road teachings has clearly escaped them as they continue to exhibit a stunning ignorance of what the Red Road is really about. Congratulations! You have just earned a place in The Posse! I invited you to read this because you registered a remarkably ignorant comment on the Mixedblood Native American Community Page, a page for the encouragement of mixedblood people to pursue their Native American heritage (or you did someting equally stupid somewhere else.) The community page is not a place for people who insist on publicly displaying their spectacular lack of awareness, or who are looking for a fight; I do not allow people like you to high- jack this page. As such, your comment was deleted and you have been banned. I do not tolerate comments such as yours, typically made by what Ed McGaa called the “blonde haired, blue eyed Indians.” Further, I refuse to waste my time fighting you; arguing with an ignorant racist is a waste of my time. You most likely attacked me because of a tuition-based lecture or workshop. Is that because these ways have no value, that they are incapable of bringing any good into the mainstream? Given the tragic state the Earth is in caused by the personal lifestyle choices, the body politic, and the economic abuses that are destroying the environment and all who depend on it (we’re talking animals and their habitation, forests, water, air -- things like that -- just in case you can’t figure it out) it would seem that if these ways could bring about positive change you’d be all for people knowing them. Apaprently, you think everyting is okay the way it is, that corporate-owned science will fix it, that the government will fix it. Or maybe God will swoop down on a magic carpet and we all get a great big do-over. By denying people access to the Red Road, you advocate for maintaining the (very destructive) status quo. That is, you are the problem. You for sure are not the solution. You are completely ignorant that before the Euro brought his Adam Smith / John Locke economy to Turtle Island, those who mentored and healed and helped others were well taken care of. The difference is, back then people knew to do it without having to be asked. Or told. The underlying message of your fantasy is that A) These ways have no power to bring about change B) Whatever knowledge contained in them is useless, even if it could take affect and C) They are so devoid of value they are not worthy of support (existing) and should just die off, just like the Indian should have. How can you condemn the Euro and his progeny for their acute self-centeredness and planetary destruction when you claim a superior knowledge that provides an intelligent way of living without destroying the planet? Yet, you refuse to share these ways. The very ways you claim to be so incredibly informed of teach you to not condemn a person unless, and until, you can offer a better way! Yet you demand these ways be kept under a rock somewhere, claiming they are sacred intellectual property that only Indian people have a right to know. All the while the planet suffers at the hands of the ignorant Euro-American and his greed-based economic, political, religious, and social attitudes. Have you read any of Nicholas Black Elk’s books? Frank Fools Crow? Or the royalty published, The World We Used to Live In, where Vine Deloria, Jr. “...takes us into the realm of the spiritual...explores everything from healing miracles and sacred rituals...” Maybe Archie Fire Lame Deer, or John Fire Lame Deer, both equally revealing of indigenous spiritual knowledge and practice? Have you taken any college courses on Indian Studies? Perhaps you’ve watched, or even own a DVD on Indian culture or spiritual teachings? Or listen to CDs to catch the songs. These are very popular. Wilma Mankiller or Joseph Rael? Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Seven Arrows is a classic, one read by any serious student of these ways. Today, colleges on-rez and a growing number off-rez carry courses that not only teach the history of Indian country, but of the material and spiritual culture and teachings as well. Every one of these methods of conveyance are FEE or ROYALTY BASED. And the royalties and profits go to the Indian person(s) who authored them. Every one. Tuition-based teaching of these ways to the mainstream is nothing new and, contrary to your myopic point of view, it is not a violation of some sacred edict: workshops, lectures, music and story CDs, DVDs, books, magazine articles, college courses, art, crafts, seminars, and conferences are not ceremony. And it’s been going on for a long time; Black Hawk released his autobiography in 1833. Accepting payment in frog skins has been common practice and by people much better than I, people unquestionably strong in the Lifeways, people beyond reproach. Excepting the Posse’s, of course. I have to wonder how many royalty paid commercial books written or dictated by Indians sharing spiritual secrets have been read by you and your fellow Posse members. Just curious. You fail to see how you and your stupidity are contributing to the problems, all of which are much bigger than anyone cares to admit. You fail to see how you have adapted your miserable point of view to the Euro’s way of thinking; that knowledge is a commodity that can be owned, therefore withheld from others. You fail to understand how you and your outrageous ignorance play directly into the hands of the common culture by dividing and creating strife within the very culture that does, in my view, have the ansers to many, if not all, of the problems we all face today. You are actively supporting common culture’s runaway materialism, religious superiority, ehtnic chauvinism, racial prejudice, and hate by blocking these ways when you attack people like me. I am more determined than ever to push these teachings into common culture by any means possible. In the beginning Creator gave you life. In the end, when you go home, what will you give back to Creator? A life of trying to help all people understand, to be compassion, to help and care for the planet and all her inhabitants? Or a life to anger, fear, and of stunning ignorance? Then again, you might just work for the government like so many of your fellow Posse members, whose divisive purpose is to do the very thing that you did.