A Few Benefits of the Medicine Wheel
Illness can result from patterns created by emotions and core beliefs. Transform these patterns before disease manifests by using the Medicine Wheel to redirect core beliefs.   Create robust physical and mental health through raised self awareness, esteem, confidence, motivation, and better lifestyle choices.    Discover and recast unsupportive Lifepatterns completely, finally, and independently to maintain emotional balance regardless of what is happening around you.   Emotional energy drives behavior. If you want a better life, regardless of your circumstances, learn how to work with yourself instead of against yourself.    Your most important relationship is with you. Do you pro-actively create your life? Or do you just react or respond to it?   How you interact with others is a reflection of how you’re doing inside your own head and heart. The Medicine Wheel will help you accurately understand your relationships.   Self-image, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-worth...all feed into the single most important "self" of who you are: Self Acceptance.   True Self Acceptance happens when you finally accept who you really are, embrace everything about yourself, and cease judging. The Medicine Wheel is an accurate reflection of self-perception, an insightful guide to transformation.   Decisions not followed through on can be more frustrating than indecision: lack of motivation leads to marginal outcomes, or worse yet, a stalled life. The Medicine Wheel helps you overcome the inability to follow through by working with your Lifepatterns, not against them.   You must first understand your mental/emotional make-up to determine your Life's purpose. When you do your insights will deepen and you'll start opening to the mystical.    Eliminate self-sabotage, the most common reason people "fail."   Learn your financial temperament; your strengths and weaknesses, your blind spots.   Issues of worthiness and self-esteem will always express themselves outwardly. The most common areas are physical and emotional health, financial, and relationships.