Teachings of the Medicine Wheel “The sundancer believes that each person is a unique Living Medicine Wheel, powerful beyond imagination, that has been limited and placed upon the Earth to touch, experience, and learn.” Hyemeyhosts Storm Cheyenne elder, friend, teacher author: Seven Arrows, Lighningbolt, Song of Heyoka
Learn the core principles and concepts that inform authentic Medicine Wheels to move your life in the direction you choose, when you choose to. The Wheel is not the complication some make it out to be. While it does function in mystical realms it is accessible, adaptive, intuitive, and reflective as it brings you into its world.
* Cultivate a deeper understanding of the principles the spiritual and physical worlds function within. * Expand intuitive insights. * Fine tune your powers of observation and spiritual reasoning. * Work with the Spirits in “real time” when you have need. * Function competently in the mystical for a deeper relationship with the spirit world.
Teachings of the Medicine Wheel is a participatory presentation that will firmly ground you in one of the most profound, and oldest, behavioral tools known. The single reason it has survived literal millinea is because it works.
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1 Day Medicine Wheel