Forgivenesss: Finding the Gift Forgiving a person or situation is more about your future than anything else. in this workshop you will learn practical “common sense” techniques that will clear away the shadow of past hurts, angers, and betrayals to help you see and create a birghter future.
Inyan Oyate (Stone narion) In so-called metaphysical or spiritual comunnities there is great interest in crystals and semi-precious stones, but very little interest in “common” rocks, their formative processes, and how Earth’s geologic cycles relate to humans. This presentation shares a decidedly different, millinnea old indigenous understanding of these entities. You will also see how you affect crystal and crypto-crystalline structures, and how they affect you!
Understanding Animals as Medicine Helpers Indigenes are well known for their relationships with non-human beings, both physically and spiritually. We often hear the term “medicine,” yet few have a proper understadning of the term. This presentation explores these ideas as it teaches you how to observe and understand anmial behavior, then extend that behavior into a meaningful metaphor which approximates that animals “medicine.” Part of my goal here is to ween people off so many of the books written on the topic, especially by non-natives.
Lectures Currently Offered
Canunpah Among the many artifacts of Native American spiritual practice and material culture, the pipe is perhaps the most “glamorous,” yet least understood. Many in common culture believe they are qualified to “carry” a pipe, and have some kind of “legal” right to do so. This presentation will shed light on this subject and address some of the attitudes toward it. This is NOT ceremony.
Ancient Symbols, Modern Guides Many petroglyphs, geoglyphs, pictographs, and intaglio, most thousands of years old, have miraculously survived to the present. They tell a story and they convey knowledge, even wisdom, that is as relevant today as they were when they were first created. Part of the story is the discovery of the relationship between human, human behavior, the material world, and the spirit world. Learning how these mysterious works helped the ancestors is beneficial not only in understanding our past, but in creating a more connected and aware present.
Canku Lute Amani An Introduction to Indigenous Lifeways What does it really mean to “walk the Red Road?” What are some of the more glaring differences between Native American lifeways and Euro-centric ways? And where are there similarities? If you are interested in learning more of indigenous wisdom, this is a “must start” place.
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