You will learn the fun art of creating a dreamcatcher first on a five inch metal hoop. After you’ve learned the weave, you’ll make a second dreamcatcher on a natural vine hoop. I sometimes have stones or feathers to decorate your work with and I encourage you to bring what you have for decoration as well. Tuition and materials: $35
Build a hafted rattle (rattle with a “handle”) using rawhide for the chamber. Dowel, palm, or stick hafting used, but if you have something you’d like to use for the hafting, bring it. Tuition and materials: $40
By creating your own basic buckskin project you will know how to create a pattern, what tools are needed, and about sinew and tanners bond. You will get familiar with different hide finishes and learn a basic stitching pattern. Tuition and materials: $40
Crafting Workshops
In the picture to the left you can see several mini rattles with full size rattles to give you some idea of just how cute they really are. In the mini rattle workshop you will build for. Those pictured are painted with different color lacing. And they work! Tuition and materials: $40
Mini rattles chamber about the size of a quarter fully functional